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Fiosrachadh bho Foghlam Alba: More Scotland Sings

More Scotland Sings
2 October, 14.15
Join Scotland Sings once again for a classroom singalong! Previous events have had schools up and down the country joining in with songs both in Scots and Gaelic.
For full details of these and other events, please log in to Glow and view the current schedule:
(Glow log-in and password required).

SALT Conference 2013 – Promoting Excellence

SALT Conference 2013 – Promoting Excellence


The Scottish Association for Language Teaching is holding its annual conference on 2 November, 2013 at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.


New to the National Assessment Resource (NAR),0,0,0,0
Over the past few weeks, Education Scotland has published a number of new assessment and moderation exemplars, produced by practitioners, on the National Assessment Resource.  They relate to the following themes:
•           Consistent assessment practice across larger groups, within a school or learning community
•           Moderation across authorities
•           Gaelic
•           Additional Support Needs
•           Early Years
•           Innovative moderation practice
•           E-portfolios
•           P7 profiles linked to faith development in Roman Catholic schools.
The exemplars are available on NARwith easy access using the Quick Links section on the homepage.

Duaisean Gàidhlig na h-Alba

Tha Duaisean Gàidhlig na h-Alba – air an cur air adhart le Bòrd na Gàidhlig agus an Daily Record – a’ toirt aithne phoblach do gach taobh de chultar, cànan is foghlam na Gàidhlig agus nì iad sanasachd air an obair ionmholta a tha ga dhèanamh gus an seas an dualchas agus gus an tig fàs air cùisean. Bidh an tachartas fhèin na chuirm mhòr far am bi ceòl is iomadh seòrsa ealain eile, an dà chuid nuadh agus dualchasach, gan taisbeanadh, agus bidh e air leth tarraingeach do iomadh coimhearsnachd air feadh na dùthcha.

Thèid na Duaisean a thoirt seachad aig dinnear fìor mhath sna Lus-ghàrraidhean Rìoghail ann an Dùn Èideann air 20 Samhain 2013.