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Great Learning leaflet for parents


In September last year, all schools received copies of a new leaflet which was prepared for parents around Curriculum for Excellence. This leaflet was produced to help parents better understand how their children will benefit from changes under Curriculum for Excellence as the new qualifications are introduced.
Multiple copies were sent to every school and should have allowed you to provide every parent with a printed copy. If you haven’t already done so, can we please ask you to ensure all parents receive a copy as soon as possible? 
The leaflet was developed in partnership with National Parent Forum of Scotland  (NPFS) and addresses questions that parents and carers have been asking in relation to CfE and provides some examples of learner journeys which help illustrate the opportunities and benefits offered by the new curriculum, the key benefits for young people and examples of the different routes pupils can take throughout their education from age 3-18.
An online version of the leaflet is also available on the Parentzone website.
The National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS) has published two new resources for parents.
Nationals in a Nutshell: Assessment explains the types of assessment that have been introduced for the new National qualifications.
Pointers for Parents and Pupils highlights sources of information to help with learning and revision for the new Nationals.
Both these documents are valuable reading for parents/carers and for learners.
For more information, please visit Parentzone section on Helping your child prepare for assessments and exams.

Naidheachdan bho Foghlam Alba

1 March 2014, St Joseph’s Academy, Kilmarnock
In the revised GTCS Standards for Career Long Professional Learning, teachers are required to ‘understand and develop the most appropriate contexts for learning includingoutdoor learning and be able to apply appropriate pedagogies for these environments’. This event aims to support this and build confidence and capacity in the delivery of outdoor learning in secondary schools in particular within Broad General Education (S1-S3).
Registering for this event: If you wish to attend this event please register online byWednesday 19 February @
Early registration is advised as this event is likely to be very popular. Workshop choices will be sent out mid-February.
8 March 2014, Apex Hotel, Dundee.
This event will address the issues around Health and Wellbeing Responsibility of All. The main aim is to build capacity and confidence in all those who work with children and young people, allowing them to embed HWB Responsibility of All within their own work and in their establishments. The content of the day will be based around the areas found to be in need of most support as a result of the findings of the Health and Wellbeing Curriculum Impact Review.
Register online by Friday 21 February to attend this event. Early registration is advised as this event is likely to be very popular.
15 March 2014, St Paul’s RC Academy, Dundee
Education Scotland would like to invite physical education staff working in the primary and secondary sectors, and those with responsibility for the delivery of physical education in primary schools to experience how BMT can be used to support and encourage the development of excellence in sporting performance.
Better Movers and Thinkers (BMT) is an innovative, exciting and challenging movement and learning programme for physical education that focuses directly on enhancing the links between movement and thinking.
Education Scotland has entered into dialogue with a range of stakeholders to highlight key issues surrounding skills for life, learning and work. As part of this we have been running a series of conversation days which allow key issues to be identified and discussed across sectors, and enable focussed action planning. We have also developed a skills blog where a range of useful resources and links can be found. The link below will direct you to the blog. Please browse the site and we would welcome both your comments and the sharing of your experiences of skills across the curriculum.
GOS – Sciences Learning Zone
25 February, 11.00
On 4 February, our panel set a real life problem solving STEM challenge for you and your learners. Join schools who took part to explore how they went about solving the problems.
Take part in the discussion and share your strategies and solutions with the country. Do you use the same strategies or different ones? Are some more efficient than others?
For full details of these and other events, please log in to Glow and view the current schedule (Glow log-in and password required).
The Scottish College for Educational Leadership (SCEL)
The College’s website is now live at
Professional Review and Development

Revised national guidance for Professional Review and Development (PRD) has been published on the Education Scotland website.
The guidance is structured around key features of effective PRD processes. It will support teachers, headteachers and system leaders to engage positively in these processes and to improve outcomes for children and young people. It includes links to helpful resources and reflective questions to support self-evaluation and professional dialogue.
The guidance has been produced in partnership by the national organisations involved in teacher education in Scotland, including Education Scotland, General Teaching Council for Scotland, local authorities, professional associations, the Scottish Teacher Education Committee and the Scottish Council of Independent Schools.
Education Scotland is committed to building the confidence and capacity of practitioners to improve learning and teaching within food education in Curriculum for Excellence using national initiatives such as the 2014 Commonwealth Gamesand Homecomingin schools/clusters and professional learning communities in local authorities across Scotland.
The opportunity to apply for funding from the Food for Thought: Education Fund will give practitioners scope to explore food education across Curriculum for Excellence. Applications are welcome from early years and primary establishments, and secondary practitioners from all curricular areas are encouraged to apply.  The fund is now openand will close on Friday 28 March at 5 pm.
It is required that schools identify and work in partnership with a local business to enhance the project and consider how to link the activities to the events of 2014. Each project will be individual as will the nature of support from the business link. To download the application please click here. For more information, contact us on

Fios bho Foghlam Alba mu FilmClub


Tha Foghlam Alba a’ co-obrachadh le FilmClub ann an bhith a’ sireadh dòighean anns am faodar goireasan ionnsachaidh agus teagaisg a thoirt gu buil. Bidh am pròiseict seo a’ fighe a-steach leis na planaichean a tha mar tha gan cuir an gnìomh le Film Nation UK.


Thathar air coinneamh a chur air dòigh airson Diardaoin 6 Gearran, eadar 3f agus 5f aig oifisean Foghlaim Alba ann an Glaschu.


Bhithinn fada nur comainn nan cuireadh sibh brath air ais thugam ro dheireadh na seachdain, (Dihaoine 24 Faoilleach)  co-dhiù a tha e comasach dhuibh a bhith an làthair. Tha fhios agam nach eil e comasach do mhòran agaibh siubhal a Ghlaschu, agus mar sin, bidh goireasan coinneamh-fòn / coinneamh – bhideo againn, agus faodaidh sibh com-pàirteachadh mar seo.


Ma tha an còrr fiosrachaidh a dhìth oirbh, dìreach leig fhaicinn dhomh. Tha mi an dòchas gum faigh mi air coinneachadh ri cuid agaibh air an ath mhìos!





Mary Ellen Stiùbhart


Oifigear Leasachaidh Gàidhlig / Gaelic Development Officer

Foghlam Alba/ Education Scotland

The Optima, 58 Robertson Street, Glasgow , G2 8DU

Fòn/Tel: 0141 282 5181

Fòn-làimhe/ Mobile:  07540671610

Naidheachdan bho Foghlam Alba 20/01/14

Scottish Education Awards

Don’t forget to make your nomination for the Scottish Education Awards
The Scottish Education Awards recognise individuals and establishments that have developed a vibrant and progressive quality of education and a climate of continuous innovation. Sheona Allen, Headteacher at Caledonia Primary School and winner of the 2013 Gaelic Awareness Award, said, ‘being a winner at the Scottish Education Awards allowed the whole school to celebrate and feel really proud of their enormous effort. The biggest buzz was arriving back to school with the award and seeing everyone outside cheering and punching the air’. For more information and to see the full list of categories, please visit the Scottish Education Awards website. Nominations can be made until Friday 21 February and the awards ceremony takes place on Tuesday 10 June.
Game On Scotland
Meet the Game On Scotland Ambassador Holly Cram via GlowHolly Cram, an international hockey player with over 140 caps, has joined the Game On Scotland Team as official ambassador to assist schools in making the most of the exciting opportunities the 2014 Commonwealth Games offers young people. Over the coming months, Holly will be visiting a number of secondary schools that have taken part in the Game On Challenge. However, if you didn’t manage to secure a personal visit you can meet Holly on Glow on 30 January at 10 am. For more information and to sign up to this session, please log in to Glow(log-in details required).
Apply for a Game On Scotland plaque for your schoolOban High School is the latest school to be awarded a Game on Scotland plaque. Education establishments are invited to apply for the official Game On Scotland Plaque in recognition of offering wider learning experiences created around the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and its legacy. All Scottish schools which sign up to the Game On Challengewill be eligible to receive a plaque, as well as other incentives, such as a visit from Holly Cram (ambassador) or Clyde.

Mentoring Matters


Mentoring Matters
Mentoring Matters is an online resource designed to help educators self-evaluate the quality of their mentoring practice and reflect on the impact of mentoring on learning and teaching. The resource consists of a downloadable booklet on mentoring which provides guidance on effective mentoring, a set of video clips with reflective questions to prompt professional dialogue and links to research studies and examples of practice.
This resource relates closely with Career-long Professional Learning and has direct links into the General Teaching Council Scotland (GTCS) website.


Career-long Professional Learning

Career-long Professional Learning – Guidance for Teachers
This website improves further approaches to professional learning.  It consists of advice, information, links to resources and reflective questions.  A downloadable PDF is available.  To access the guidance, go to

Aspiring Teachers

Education Scotland has launched Aspiring Teachers, a website for those considering a career in teaching. It provides advice and support on the opportunities in Gaelic Education.

Slàinte agus Sunnd


This is a short guide which summarises the main points of the Health and wellbeing 3-18 curriculum impact report, as well as giving some feedback from research by Education Scotland.

Tachartasan air Glow TV

Glow TV events:
The Romans

Basic CMYK

20 January, 1.30 pm  (Glow log-in required)
Join us for another series of live broadcasts from the National Museum of Scotland which let pupils explore our collections and meet our experts face to face. You can ask questions, come up with answers and explore our object handling collections on screen.

GOS – Maths and Numeracy Learning Zone

28 January, 11.00 am (Glow log-in required)
On 7 January we set two, real life problem solving challenges for your learners. Join Bonnyrigg and Mount Cameron primary schools to explore how they went about solving the problems. Take part in the discussion and share your strategies and solutions Do you use the same strategies or different ones? Are some more efficient than others?  Find out in our Learning Zone event. (This Glow Meet is suitable for first to third level learners.)

Duais Foghlam Gàidhlig, Duaisean Foghlam na h-Alba

Tha Duaisean Foghlam na h-Alba a’ toirt aithne do dh’àitean-ionnsachaidha tha air càileachd foghlaim beothail agus adhartach a leasachadh agus air suidheachadh ùr-ghnàthach, leantainneach a chruthachadh.
Bu chòir do chultar agus feallsanachd an àite-ionnsachaidha bhith a’ brosnachadh urram, miann air adhartas agus coileanadh agus aig an aon àm a bhith ag amas air a bhith a’ lùghdachadh neo-ionannachd ann am builean foghlaim.
A bheil thu eòlach air àite-ionnsachaidh a tha a rèir an aithris a tha seo agus is urrainn na ceistean a tha gu h-ìosal a fhreagairt ann an dòigh mhionaideach?   Ma tha, nach cuir thu e air adhart airson Duais FoghlamGàidhlig?
  • Dè na dòighean anns a bheil feallsanachd an àite-ionnsachaidh agad a’ leasachadh mothachadh air cànan is cultar na Gàidhlig agus a’ toirt cothrom do dhaoine òga a bhith gu mòr an sàs ann?
  • Dè an dòigh anns a bheil coileanaidhean pearsanta a tha co-cheangailte ris air an aithneachadh?
  • Ciamar a tha clann agus daoine òga a’ faighinn taic ann a bhith a’ leasachadh tuigse air cànan, dualchas agus cultar na Gàidhlig?
  • Ciamar a tha an t-àite-ionnsachaidh agad ag obair gu h-èifeachdach le buidhnean Gàidhlig no coimhearsnachdan Gàidhlig?
  • Ciamar a tha coimhearsnachd an àite-ionnsachaidh agad a’ co-roinn ionnsachadh le pàrantan agus a’ choimhearsnachd san fharsaingeachd?
  • Ciamar a tha an t-àite-ionnsachaidh a’ fighe na Gàidhlig a-steach ann an rianachd dhreuchdail gu brìghmhor do dhaoine òga, a’ cur cudrom air an comas a thaobh sgilean cosnaidh?
  • Dè na cothroman a tha ann airson gnìomhan iomairt co-cheangailte ris a’ Ghàidhlig?
  • Dè a’ bhuaidh a tha aig a bhith a’ leasachadh mothachadh air a’ Ghàidhlig air clann agus daoine òga, coimhearsnachd na sgoile air fad agus a’ choimhearsnachd san fharsaingeachd?
  • Ciamar a tha an t-àite-ionnsachaidh air na h-eòlasan agus na builean agus an t-ionnsachadh eadar-chuspaireil a chleachdadh gus mothachadh air a’ Ghàidhlig a leasachadh san àite-ionnsachaidh agus sa choimhearsnachd san fharsaingeachd?
Dè na dòighean anns an tug an com-pàirteachas seo buaidh air:
  • clann agus daoine òga
  • a’ choimhearsnachd-sgoile air fad
  • a’ choimhearsnachd san fharsaingeachd
Cothrom do roghainn a chur air adhart gu Dihaoine 21 Gearran 2014
Tha Bòrd na Gàidhlig a’ toirt taic don duais seo.