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Goireasan airson Foghlam Gàidhlig (Foghlam Alba)

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Taic le Measadh bho Foghlam Alba

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Assessing progress and achievement professional learning resources
Assessing Progress and Achievement in Gàidhlig and Literacy and Gaelic (Learners) Early to Third Curricular level
Education Scotland acknowledges the contribution of teachers and senior education staff, representing 3-18 in Gaelic Learner and Medium Education, in producing guidance on assessment.  This looked at assessing progress and achievement from early to third level and breadth challenge and application at each level. Working groups of specialists in Gaelic and in response to feedback from practitioners and other stakeholders to theAssessing progress and achievement professional learning resources, the following updates have been made:
  • an overarching paper has been written which deals specifically with those themes which are common to all curriculum areas and
  • curriculum papers have been amended to reflect the changes made in response to the content of the overarching paper.
The Assessment Team are now setting up groups of practitioners to produce exemplars for the significant aspectsof learning in Gaelic Learner and Medium Education.  We look forward to hearing from anyone who wishes to be considered for this work.