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The Role of Gaelic Education 3-18 in ‘Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach’

Stuthan ann an Gàidhlig bho Foghlam Alba airson  ‘1 + 2 Approach’.

Route maps through assessment

Minister for Learning, Dr Alasdair Allan recently put in place a package of support for secondary schools to help deliver the new National Qualifications. This support included new route maps through Assessment and these are now being published on the Education Scotland website. 
Developed by Education Scotland, in partnership with the SQA, these provide sequenced list of main messages and links for National 4 and National 5.  These guides will provide reassurance of the key documents and the sequence they should be used in. This can help teachers to reflect on their approaches this year, ensure they’ve done all they need to do and prepare for next year.  They are step by step  guides and will help practitioners ensure they have referred to the key guidelines and advice for learning, teaching and assessment in the new qualifications. The route maps are being developed for all subjects for the new National Qualifications.  They will also be developed for the new Higher courses and these will be available from the start of the new session.
Fiosrachadh air fhaighinn bho Foghlam Alba.