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Naidheachdan Foghlam Alba 06/2014

Basic CMYKRoute Maps for Gàidhlig and Gaelic (Learners) Higher now available
These route maps have been produced in response to teacher requests for more streamlined and simplified guidance on delivering the new qualifications. They aim to consolidate current approaches and help practitioners reflect on their processes this year and prepare for next year. They cover subject specific material to over-arching information on assessment and verification.
The route maps are now available on the Education Scotland website.
Education Scotland has produced a suite of documents to support learning, teaching and assessment of the sciences from early to third level. Find out more on the learning blog.
National Parent Forum of Scotland
The summer issue of the National Parent Forum of Scotland’s e-News Update is now available online.
It includes information on:


  • NPFS’s latest resources for parents and learners in their Curriculum for Excellence in a Nutshell series – Progression in a Nutshell, Skills in a Nutshell, Higher English in a Nutshell and Higher Mathematics in a Nutshell.
  • the new Parents’ Connect area at the Scottish Learning Festival
  • focus groups on the new National Qualifications
  • conference theme
  • a leaflet on bullying for parents
  • and much more.


National Records of Scotland
The National Records of Scotland has launched its 2014-15 programme of free workshops and web conferencing sessions for primary and secondary schools.
This year’s programme includes workshops which may be of interest to teachers planning learning that focuses on the Commonwealth Games, the Year of Homecoming 2014, or the First World War.
Full details of the Schools Programme and the booking form are available on the NRS education website.
Education Scotland has published the Primary Language Learning framework for P2-P7. This part of the framework complements the P1 guidance issued in December 2013. The framework contains advice and support for practitioners who are introducing, or planning to introduce the teaching of a modern language from P1-P7. It contains learning maps to aid planning for teaching the first modern language (L2) as well as an overview of the essential Knowledge about Language required for children to progress in their language learning. There are film clips of primary language teaching, sound files of useful classroom language, progression grids and useful web links to support practitioners in their preparation and delivery of a contextualised modern language experience.

Leadership Award for Gaelic Medium Education(GME)

Fiosrachadh bho Foghlam Alba:
Basic CMYK
Education Scotland has worked with Social Enterprise Academy to develop a bespoke leadership award for teachers of Gaelic Medium Education who aspire to be principal teachers, depute headteachers and headteachers of nursery, primary and secondary GME provision.  On this programme, you will gain invaluable insight into what it takes to be an effective leader.  The leadership award will support teachers to:


  • Reflect on your role and identify your key strengths and areas for growth.
  • Gain clarity on setting direction and developing confidence in communicating change.
  • Gain confidence in your abilities as a leader.
  • Develop your skills and knowledge to prepare you for being in a leadership role in GME provision, for example, leading the curriculum, self-evaluation, support those with additional support needs, professional development and review.
  • Learn to use participatory techniques and other skills to improve your ability to engage in partnership working.
  • Gain a nationally recognised qualification from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).


The programme will be delivered in two sessions, 16 & 17 September and 4 & 5 December 2014 at Columba 1400 on the Isle of Skye.
For more information and to apply, please contact Kate McArdle on 01463 238 088 or

Co-fharpais ChLAS 2014

CLAS logoA charaid chòir,
Mòran taing gu a h-uile duine a ghabh pàirt ann an co-fharpais ChLAS am-bliadhna. Bha tòrr phìosan sgrìobhaidh fìor mhath ann is bha e gu math doirbh dìreach sia phìosan a thaghadh airson duaisean fhaighinn.
’S e na sgoilearan a bha soirbheachail ann a bhith a’ faighinn duais am bliadhna:

A’ Chiad Duais – Ceiridh NicIllebhràth, Àrd-sgoil Thobar Mhoire
An Dàrna Duais – Raonaid Mhartainn, Sgoil MhicNeacail
An Treas Duais – Kelly NicAoidh, Sgoil Sir E. Scott

A’ Chiad Duais – Claire Frances NicNèill, Sgoil Bàgh a’ Chaisteil
An Dàrna Duais – John Alasdair Bain, Sgoil MhicNeacail
An Treas Duais – Sophie NicDhòmhnaill, Acadamaidh Dhrochaid an Easbaig

Meallaibh ur naidheachd!

An cois na litir seo tha leabhran beag le na pìosan sgrìobhaidh aca uile.  (Tha an leabhran ri fhaighinn an-seo:


Kirsten NicDhòmhnaill

Naidheachdan Gàidhlig bho Foghlam Alba

Foghlam Alba GaidhligFiosrachadh bho Foghlam Alba:

Please visit our website for Gaelic Educationfor the latest information on

Gaelic Learner Education

Gaelic Medium Education

Learning about Gaelic language and culture as part of Scotland’s identity.


Naidheachdan bho Foghlam Alba 06/2014

Basic CMYK

Early Learning and childcare: Support from Care Inspectorate and Education Scotland
Education Scotland and Care Inspectorate will work together to support the development and expansion of early learning and childcare. For 2014/15 they will continue with their current programmes of both individual and shared inspection and evaluation of services for children aged 3 to school age.

Scottish Learning Festival
Registration for SLF 2014 is now open

The theme of SLF 2014 is raising achievement and attainment for all with a focus on maximising educational outcomes through:

  • early intervention and prevention – for children, young people and adult learners in order to maximise educational outcomes
  • health and wellbeing – from physical education and sport to the full range of health and wellbeing subjects which are the responsibility of all practitioners
  • employability skills – to secure a highly educated, well prepared and motivated young workforce able to compete in a global market.
SLF 2014 is free for everyone to attend. To guarantee your place at SLF 2014 and your choice of seminars, book now, as many sessions are fully subscribed

Parental involvement
Supporting literacy at home – ideas for parents and carers

Education Scotland and Scottish Book Trust have developed some new materials – now published on Parentzone– to support children’s reading development and enthusiasm for reading.

These new materials, consisting of five videos from early years to secondary, have tips and advice for reading with young children, as well as ideas for encouraging teenagers to read for pleasure.

Curriculum for Excellence
CfE leadership events – presentations and outcomes from conferences

In February and March 2014 a series of leadership events were held across Scotland to take stock of where secondary schools are on the journey to developing Curriculum for Excellence as a world class curriculum. Education authorities and secondary schools were invited to take part.

The events were a joint production from Education Scotland, Association of Directors of Education in Scotland (ADES), School Leaders Scotland (SLS), Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and Scottish Government. The agenda was ambitious and included: the continuing evolution of the curriculum; highlighting emerging issues and tackling bureaucracy; and assessment and qualifications. A webpage is now available hosting the presentations and key outcomes of the conferences.

Health and wellbeing
Making the links…making it work

Today, Education Scotland launched a new resource pack to help practitioners and establishments develop a shared understanding of health and wellbeing: responsibility of all. The pack aims to help individuals and establishments to move towards embedding this aspect of health and wellbeing into their work, to develop a framework to ensure progression in learning and to make the process more manageable.

The pack takes the form of two posters and one booklet, which will be sent to all local authority schools in June, all of which can be used flexibly to support the development of health and wellbeing responsibility of all. It is also available on the Education Scotland website along with an interactive PDF which will allow establishments to personalise the poster to suit their own context.

CPDFind has had a makeover! Building on the current resource, CPDFind has been updated and rebranded as PLFind. The first phase of the redeveloped PLFind is now available in the Professional Learning area of the Education Scotland online service with further phases continuing throughout the year. If you have any feedback on further developments, visit PLFind or contact
New to Education Scotland’s Studying Scotland website is People of Medieval Scotland. This 32 topic resource was produced by Glasgow University in partnership with Education Scotland. There are topics to interest learners across the curriculum including; Castles, Spies, Battles, Towns and Trades. These resources provide interesting and stimulating material which can be built into courses at all levels. To partner with these resources are a series of learning journeys produced by practitioners for early to fourth level learners. So if your learners want to know about the Ragman Roll and who was on it, or how much a Castle keeper was paid and how much that works out in today’s money, get onto the site and have a look!

Goireas bho Inspire – Aspire

Inspire Aspire



Tuilleadh fiosrachadh:

Feum air neach-teagaisg airson cùrsa

Fiosrachadh bho Mairead NicEacharna:

Tha mi a’ sgríobhadh as leth CLDRG. Ní sin tréanadh do luchd-teagaisg chlasaichean-oidhche 5 láithean sa bhliadhna. ‘Son an ath chlas tha sinn airson latha a dhéanamh air sgilean teagaisg agus tha mi a’ rúrach cuideigin freagarrach airson an tréanadh a thoirt seachad.

‘S e am plana – tréanadh sa mhadainn, oileanaich gun Gháidhlig a thoirt a-staigh feasgar gus an déan na luchd-teagaisg seórsa “crit lesson”. Bidh sinn ag amas air daoine gun eólas sam bith air teagasg, ach a tha air tighinn tro chlasaichean agus a bhios deónach a smaointinn air teagasg (clasaichean-oidhche) ma gheibh iad taic. Cuideachd ’s dócha gum biodh fileantaich ann a tha air a bhith a’ teagasg ach gun tréanadh.

Bidh an tréanadh air Disathairne 6 Sultain ann an Glaschu (venue tbc), eadar 10m – 4f, páigheadh an latha £250+cosgaisean siubhail. Mar as ábhaist bidh eadar 6 – 12 anns gach clas. Bidh ar clasaichean déante tro mheadhan na Gáidhlig, ach on nach bi na luchd-teagaisg daonnan cho fileanta sin feumaidh rud beag Beurla a bhith ann a-nis ’s a-rithist. A bheil beachd agad air cuideigin a ní an clas? Bhithinn nad chomain ’son beachd sam bith.  Mairead NicEacharna.  Post-d: