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Naidheachdan bho Foghlam Alba 06/2014

Basic CMYK

Early Learning and childcare: Support from Care Inspectorate and Education Scotland
Education Scotland and Care Inspectorate will work together to support the development and expansion of early learning and childcare. For 2014/15 they will continue with their current programmes of both individual and shared inspection and evaluation of services for children aged 3 to school age.

Scottish Learning Festival
Registration for SLF 2014 is now open

The theme of SLF 2014 is raising achievement and attainment for all with a focus on maximising educational outcomes through:

  • early intervention and prevention – for children, young people and adult learners in order to maximise educational outcomes
  • health and wellbeing – from physical education and sport to the full range of health and wellbeing subjects which are the responsibility of all practitioners
  • employability skills – to secure a highly educated, well prepared and motivated young workforce able to compete in a global market.
SLF 2014 is free for everyone to attend. To guarantee your place at SLF 2014 and your choice of seminars, book now, as many sessions are fully subscribed

Parental involvement
Supporting literacy at home – ideas for parents and carers

Education Scotland and Scottish Book Trust have developed some new materials – now published on Parentzone– to support children’s reading development and enthusiasm for reading.

These new materials, consisting of five videos from early years to secondary, have tips and advice for reading with young children, as well as ideas for encouraging teenagers to read for pleasure.

Curriculum for Excellence
CfE leadership events – presentations and outcomes from conferences

In February and March 2014 a series of leadership events were held across Scotland to take stock of where secondary schools are on the journey to developing Curriculum for Excellence as a world class curriculum. Education authorities and secondary schools were invited to take part.

The events were a joint production from Education Scotland, Association of Directors of Education in Scotland (ADES), School Leaders Scotland (SLS), Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and Scottish Government. The agenda was ambitious and included: the continuing evolution of the curriculum; highlighting emerging issues and tackling bureaucracy; and assessment and qualifications. A webpage is now available hosting the presentations and key outcomes of the conferences.

Health and wellbeing
Making the links…making it work

Today, Education Scotland launched a new resource pack to help practitioners and establishments develop a shared understanding of health and wellbeing: responsibility of all. The pack aims to help individuals and establishments to move towards embedding this aspect of health and wellbeing into their work, to develop a framework to ensure progression in learning and to make the process more manageable.

The pack takes the form of two posters and one booklet, which will be sent to all local authority schools in June, all of which can be used flexibly to support the development of health and wellbeing responsibility of all. It is also available on the Education Scotland website along with an interactive PDF which will allow establishments to personalise the poster to suit their own context.

CPDFind has had a makeover! Building on the current resource, CPDFind has been updated and rebranded as PLFind. The first phase of the redeveloped PLFind is now available in the Professional Learning area of the Education Scotland online service with further phases continuing throughout the year. If you have any feedback on further developments, visit PLFind or contact kate.paton@educationscotland.gov.uk.
New to Education Scotland’s Studying Scotland website is People of Medieval Scotland. This 32 topic resource was produced by Glasgow University in partnership with Education Scotland. There are topics to interest learners across the curriculum including; Castles, Spies, Battles, Towns and Trades. These resources provide interesting and stimulating material which can be built into courses at all levels. To partner with these resources are a series of learning journeys produced by practitioners for early to fourth level learners. So if your learners want to know about the Ragman Roll and who was on it, or how much a Castle keeper was paid and how much that works out in today’s money, get onto the site and have a look!

Goireas bho Inspire – Aspire

Inspire Aspire



Tuilleadh fiosrachadh:  http://www.inspire-aspire.org.uk/