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Fiosrachadh bho Foghlam Alba (01/2015)

Naidheachdan/Fiosrachadh mu chùisean GàidhligBasic CMYK

Latest Briefing on Gaelic Education Jan2015




Glow TV

Glow TV is off to the National Museum of Scotland on Wednesday 4th February at 1.45pm to find out about our very own Mary Queen of Scots.

Join our expert curator as he tells us more about the life and times of Mary, Queen of Scots, by looking at some of the objects closely associated with her. For this unique Glow session, the team at the National Museum of Scotland have taken objects out of the cases to let classes see them up close over the webcam. Classes will also be able to ask questions about Mary and the objects that they’ll see. The session will also include poll questions for classes to discuss

Measgachadh Naidheachdan 27.01.15

Obraichean Bun-Sgoil ann an Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu


Litir-Naidheachd Comann nam Pàrant

“Newsletter: Gaelic Medium Education

Comann nam Pàrant, the national organisation that advises and supports parents/carers of those in Gaelic Medium Education (GME), has recently published a newsletter.  In this newsletter you will learn of:

  • Activities to raise awareness of the benefits of GME
  • Partners working with schools to help children use Gaelic beyond the classroom
  • Forthcoming conference for parents/carers of children and young people in GME.
  • Useful information to help parents/carers support their child’s learning.”

GTC Scotland

Tha GTC Scotland a’ sireadh bheachdan air moladh gum faodadh luchd-teagaisg as ùr clàradh airson teisteanas ann an dà chuspair leis an GTC taobh a-staigh a’ chiad bliadhna aca a’ teagaisg.  Tuilleadh an-seo:

Advanced Higher Subject Implementation Events 2015

 AH Implementation Events 2015

Gaelic/Gaidhlig  2nd February in Glasgow and 5th February in Inverness.



Duais Foghlam Gàidhlig

Gaelic Education Award at the Scottish Education Awards 2015 Education_Logo2015-540_tcm4-741614

Nominations are now invited for the Scottish Education Awards to recognise the achievements of schools and individuals who dedicate their lives to education and delivering opportunities for every child and young person to succeed in life. There are 17 award categories with new awards for sustainability, languages and partnerships.  These include Gaelic Education Award / Duais Foghlam Gàidhlig which recognises establishments who are providing opportunities for children and young people to develop fluency in the Gaelic language.  The Making Languages Come Alive (Primary) award recognises establishments who are working effectively to implement the 1+2 policy for language learning.  For other awards, please visit our website.