Monthly Archives: An Lùnastal 2019

Goireasan Ùr le Foghlam Alba

Ø Education Scotland has recently published on the National Improvement Hub, the Gaelic version of the Slavery and Human Trafficking resources. View these resources here.

Ø The Gaelic versions of the Review of Family Learning and the Review of Learning at Home are now available on the National Improvement Hub.

Ø Gaelic versions of the following resources are now available to practitioners in GME on GLOW (login required):

Social Studies Network – These materials have been produced in partnership with Glasgow University

· World War 1 resources

· Alfred Nobel and the Peace Prize resources

· Homes in High Places resources

· Gallipoli resources

The Food Education – Good Food Skills Professional Learning resource

· Section 1 Where are we now?

· Section 2 Food hygiene

· Section 3 Getting started

· Section 4 Skills progression