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Comann nam Pàrant

Comann nam Pàrant latest newsletter now available

The latest version of the newsletter from Comann nam Pàrant, the association for parents of those in Gaelic Medium Education, is now available.

Conference: Sharing the vision – Advice on Gaelic Education

Education Scotland is hosting a conference to share key messages from our recent publication, Advice on Gaelic Education.  This will take place in the Drumossie Hotel, Inverness on 9 June 2015.   The Advice is an important document in that it gives strategic direction to the development of Gaelic Education.  It offers advice on Gaelic Medium Education, Gaelic Learner Education, Curriculum for Excellence and 1+2 Languages Approach.  This year also marks 30 years since the commencement of Gaelic Medium Education and we would like to showcase some of the associated successes.  For more information or to reserve a place at the conference please contact   Education Scotland appreciates the support of a range of partners who are contributing to presentations and focus groups.


Advice on Gaelic Education Programme 19 5 2015



Measgachadh Naidheachdan 27.01.15

Obraichean Bun-Sgoil ann an Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu


Litir-Naidheachd Comann nam Pàrant

“Newsletter: Gaelic Medium Education

Comann nam Pàrant, the national organisation that advises and supports parents/carers of those in Gaelic Medium Education (GME), has recently published a newsletter.  In this newsletter you will learn of:

  • Activities to raise awareness of the benefits of GME
  • Partners working with schools to help children use Gaelic beyond the classroom
  • Forthcoming conference for parents/carers of children and young people in GME.
  • Useful information to help parents/carers support their child’s learning.”

GTC Scotland

Tha GTC Scotland a’ sireadh bheachdan air moladh gum faodadh luchd-teagaisg as ùr clàradh airson teisteanas ann an dà chuspair leis an GTC taobh a-staigh a’ chiad bliadhna aca a’ teagaisg.  Tuilleadh an-seo: