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Fiosrachadh ùr air Làrach Foghlam Alba

Basic CMYKTha Foghlam Alba air fiosrachadh ùr mu Fhoghlam Gàidhlig a chur air an làrach aca.


Naidheachdan bho Foghlam Alba 06/15

Advanced Higher Route maps for Gàidhlig and Gaelic (Learners)
These papers are to assist teachers and other staff in planning Advanced Higher Gaelic (Learners) and Gàidhlig.  The ’route maps’ are a sequential list of the key guidelines, advice and support for the Advanced Higher. They include important information about assessment, learning and teaching.  More information.
‘How good is our third sector organisation?’ (HGIOTSO) is a self-evaluation resource created to support the third sector to evaluate their performance and to identify priorities for action. The resource can be used by anyone in the third sector: volunteer, worker or other stakeholder. It is designed to support third sector organisations of all sizes, from small to large, local to national. It can also be used in cross-sector partnerships.
Mother Tongue Other Tongue competition going nationwide in 2015-16!
Mother Tongue Other Tongue (MTOT) is an exciting multilingual poetry project which celebrates linguistic and cultural diversity through creative writing, and showcases the many languages which are spoken and learned by young people in school and at home. After a very successful pilot of the competition in the Glasgow area last year, SCILT are excited to announce the roll-out of MTOT across the country from August 2015. 2015/16 will build on the success of last year’s initiative and see the competition go nationwide allowing all pupils from P1 – S6 to participate in collaboration with our partner universities.
More information
Micro-listening tasks you may not be using often enough in your lessons
A series of tips to enhance listening skills with beginner learners. More information
How to exploit the full learning potential of a target language song in the classroom
A nine-step framework for the exploitation of a song for language learning.
More information

Measgachadh Naidheachdan

Health and wellbeing; responsibility of all
The interactive PDF accompanying this resource is now available through the medium of Gaelic. This flexible resource can be used in a variety of ways to support children and young people in the aspects of health and wellbeing which are the responsibility of all.  This resource may be used to support both Gaelic Learner and Medium Education.
New resources for Gaelic Medium Education (GME)
Resources for Media Studies National 3, National 4, National 5 and Higher for GME are now available on Glow.  We have also included a separate glossary of terminology.

The Scottish Voice

  • The Scottish Voice is a computer ‘text-to-speech’ programme to assist with reading electronic books;
  • PDF files (such as SQA exam papers); worksheets and other documents in Microsoft Word and
  • create audio files using the voice.  This is being developed to assist with Gaelic text.  The new Gaelic voice will be available to schools from The Scottish Voice website for the start of the 2015-16 academic session.  This will help learners with additional support needs and also all learners to read web sites, documents, or to check and proof-read their own letters or emails.  The voice will be licensed for use by Scottish schools, colleges, universities, local and national government agencies, NHS units and for use at home by pupils and staff.  It is funded by The Scottish Government Gaelic and Scots Unit; Scottish Funding Council; Scottish Qualifications Authority and Bòrd na Gàidhlig.

Advanced Higher Subject Implementation Events 2015

 AH Implementation Events 2015

Gaelic/Gaidhlig  2nd February in Glasgow and 5th February in Inverness.



SQA ag iarraidh beachdan

Litearrachd Ghàidhlig

In SQA’s National Literacy Units (component parts of Gàidhlig Courses which can also be taken as standalone Units), Specification 3 applies. SQA would like to hear from practitioners as to how centres are managing in the light of Specification 3’s rules. In particular, if practitioners feel candidates may be unable to achieve the Unit due to the specification, please contact for further discussion.