Tachartasan air Glow TV

Glow TV events:
The Romans

Basic CMYK

20 January, 1.30 pm
http://bit.ly/19cZCG3  (Glow log-in required)
Join us for another series of live broadcasts from the National Museum of Scotland which let pupils explore our collections and meet our experts face to face. You can ask questions, come up with answers and explore our object handling collections on screen.

GOS – Maths and Numeracy Learning Zone

28 January, 11.00 am
http://bit.ly/1bDudXW (Glow log-in required)
On 7 January we set two, real life problem solving challenges for your learners. Join Bonnyrigg and Mount Cameron primary schools to explore how they went about solving the problems. Take part in the discussion and share your strategies and solutions Do you use the same strategies or different ones? Are some more efficient than others?  Find out in our Learning Zone event. (This Glow Meet is suitable for first to third level learners.)

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