Naidheachdan bho Foghlam Alba 20/01/14

Scottish Education Awards

Don’t forget to make your nomination for the Scottish Education Awards
The Scottish Education Awards recognise individuals and establishments that have developed a vibrant and progressive quality of education and a climate of continuous innovation. Sheona Allen, Headteacher at Caledonia Primary School and winner of the 2013 Gaelic Awareness Award, said, ‘being a winner at the Scottish Education Awards allowed the whole school to celebrate and feel really proud of their enormous effort. The biggest buzz was arriving back to school with the award and seeing everyone outside cheering and punching the air’. For more information and to see the full list of categories, please visit the Scottish Education Awards website. Nominations can be made until Friday 21 February and the awards ceremony takes place on Tuesday 10 June.
Game On Scotland
Meet the Game On Scotland Ambassador Holly Cram via GlowHolly Cram, an international hockey player with over 140 caps, has joined the Game On Scotland Team as official ambassador to assist schools in making the most of the exciting opportunities the 2014 Commonwealth Games offers young people. Over the coming months, Holly will be visiting a number of secondary schools that have taken part in the Game On Challenge. However, if you didn’t manage to secure a personal visit you can meet Holly on Glow on 30 January at 10 am. For more information and to sign up to this session, please log in to Glow(log-in details required).
Apply for a Game On Scotland plaque for your schoolOban High School is the latest school to be awarded a Game on Scotland plaque. Education establishments are invited to apply for the official Game On Scotland Plaque in recognition of offering wider learning experiences created around the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and its legacy. All Scottish schools which sign up to the Game On Challengewill be eligible to receive a plaque, as well as other incentives, such as a visit from Holly Cram (ambassador) or Clyde.

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