Fiosrachadh bho Foghlam Alba

Support for the curriculum
Education Scotland: Professional Focus Papers for Gaelic (Learners) and Gàidhlig
These papers have been designed to assist those supporting learners as they work towards the new qualifications.  The papers highlight important features of learning which are enhanced or different from previous arrangements and are intended to stimulate professional reflection and dialogue about learning. They provide advice on approaches to learning and teaching which build directly on those used in the 3-15 broad general education, in order to promote continuity in learners’ acquisition of knowledge, understanding and skills.  Professional learning papers for National 3 are now available.
The National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS) has produced a series of summaries of qualifications for Gaelic (Learners) and Gàidhlig.
Support for the curriculum
Materials for National 4 and 5Gàidhlig, Gaelic (Learners), GM geography, GM history, GM modern studies are available on Education Scotland’s website.  GM mathematics materials will follow once the English version is available.  We are currently writing materials for National 3 and Higher for Gaelic (Learners) and Gàidhlig.  We are again inviting schools and education authorities to advise us of the subjects that they are offering in the senior phase at National 3 and Higher for learning through the medium of Gaelic.  Based on responses we will receive, we will translate learning materials that Education Scotland will be commissioning.  Members of MRG are invited to advise Education Scotland of subjects that will be delivered through the medium of Gaelic at National 3 and Higher.  We also acknowledge the co-operation of Education Authorities in sharing materials they themselves have produced for the new qualifications and are made available on our website.  Basic CMYK

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