Fiosrachadh bho Foghlam Alba 02/14

Scottish Education Awards

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Make sure your nominations are in by Friday 21 February 2014. The Scottish Education Awards celebrate the hard work and success which takes place in Scottish education. For more information and to see the full list of categories, please visit theScottish Education Awards website.
Helping young people prepare for assessments and exams

The Parentzone website has a section on how parents and carers can help young people prepare for assessments and exams. There are suggestions on org

anisation, exam preparation and time management, and tips on ways to encourage studying.

New publications from the National Parent Forum of Scotland, such asAssessment in a Nutshell and Pointers for Parents and Pupils, as well as links touseful websites, are included.
Curriculum Impact report published

Education Scotland has published the latest in a series of Curriculum Impact reports that are designed to present a subject-by-subject picture of how children and young people are experiencing learning in different areas of the 3-18 curriculum across the country.
The latest report focuses on religious and moral education and has been developed in partnership with schools and local authorities.

In the revised GTCS Standards for Career Long Professional Learning teachers are required to ‘understand and develop the most appropriate contexts for learning 
including outdoor learning and be able to apply appropriate pedagogies for these environments’. This event aims to support this and build confidence and capacity in the delivery of outdoor learning in secondary schools in particular within broad general education (S1-S3).
Education Scotland Learning Blog recent post: Delivering a curriculum and new qualifications to highest standards
The below article by Graeme Logan, Strategic Director, Education Scotland appeared in The Herald on 07 February 2014.
‘In schools across Scotland, young people are now experiencing a different approach to their education. The new curriculum has been ten years in the making. As a result, schools are providing young people with high-quality, in-depth learning that matches their individual needs and interests. Their experiences, qualifications, awards and achievements at school will set them up well for their life ahead. We should not lose sight of the magnitude of this, and the enormous collective effort involved as we work to provide our young people with a world-class curriculum…’ (to see full article visit theblog).

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