Naidheachdan bho Foghlam Alba 27.03.14

CfE and Glow News– March 2014
The latest issue of CfE and Glow News is now online. It includes updates on CfE, Senior Phase Benchmarking Tool, Food for Thought Phase 2 funding, Parentzone and Glow.
From April 2014, external review of Scotland’s careers information, advice and guidance services will be conducted by Education Scotland. Reports will be published based on local authority geographical areas, with some additional Aspect Reports being provided on themes of national interest.
The National Parent Forum of Scotland has prepared a series of revision support materials for learners who are about to sit the new National 5 qualifications. The Revision in a Nutshell subject guides are designed to complement learning and revision in the classroom .
The subject guides cover 20 of the most popular subjects.
They provide links to:


  • SQA Specimen Papers and marking instructions
  • useful SQA past papers and marking instructions, with questions listed
  • school websites with helpful course content and revision activities
  • revision materials on BBC Bitesize, YouTube and to teacher blogs.


Homecoming Scotland 2014
Homecoming Scotland 2014 now includes over 700 events taking place across Scotland.We would like to hear what Homecoming activity your school is undertaking and would be grateful if you could complete thisshort survey by18 April 2014. There are five questions so completion should only take a few minutes. This will help the Scottish Government and Education Scotland to build a picture of what is taking place in schools across the country.
Schools across Scotland are reaping the benefits of a fund set up to encourage innovation in food education. Primary and secondary schools who received the first batch of Food for Thought funding which was released last year are building poly-tunnels, growing fruit and vegetables to cook with, developing new food products and packaging, using science and technology, and working with local businesses to sell their wares. These are only a few of the activities that are being supported by the funding to date. The next tranche of funding is currently open for applications with the closing date of 28 March fast approaching.
Glow TV events:
1 April 16.00
This Game on Scotland Glow TV event will give Social Studies staff the opportunity to find out about international partnerships. A representative from the British Council will take practitioners though all the benefits a school can get from a partnership and explain the basics of how to get started.
SCHOLAR – Mathematics – National 5 Maths – Unit 1, Revision Topic 3, Algebra
1 April 19.00
Glow TV is delighted to offer pupils the opportunity to join a homework revision session on National 5 Mathematics provided by SCHOLAR. This session on Unit 1, Revision Topic 3, Algebra will be presented by Margaret Ferguson, SCHOLAR Online Tutor for Maths.
For full details of these and other events, please log in to Glow and view the current schedule. (Glow log-in and password required).

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