Scotland’s place names
Education Scotland, in partnership with the Scottish Toponymy in Transition project, University of Glasgow, have prepared learning and teaching ideas to develop children and young people’s understanding of Scotland’s placenames. At the early/first level, learners study and explore the local environment, look at common place names and directions and create personal maps of the local environment. At the Second level, learners will look at the study and interpretation of Ordnance Survey maps as well as interviewing local family members about local place/street names. At the Third level, learners will develop an understanding of how place names have evolved and work collaboratively to create an information booklet. At the Third/Fourth level, learners will gain insight into using a variety of maps to compare place name changes over time and present local maps and the stories attached to them. Follow this link to the Ordnance Survey website, Gaelic Origins of Place Names in Britain to get useful information on placenames that originate from Gaelic.

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