Fiosrachadh bho Foghlam Alba 28.04.14

This resource aims to help teachers understand outdoor learning opportunities, and give confidence to use outdoor spaces for teaching a wide range of experiences and outcomes. The pack for Second Level encourages structured learning in the outdoors, along with a deeper understanding of John Muir’s writings and philosophies. The pack can be used flexibility as stand-alone activities to cover certain aspects of the topic or as activities leading into each other as a programme of learning. The Second Level pack can help with an introduction to the John Muir Award.
Glow TV: British Academy Schools Languages Award 2014
12 May 2014, 4.00 pm
Four thousand pounds will be awarded to two language learning projects in Scottish secondary, supplementary schools or FE colleges via the British Academy Schools Language Award (BASLA) this autumn. If your establishment has plans in place, or is already involved in an imaginative language learning project which is improving uptake in languages in the Senior Phase and beyond, then you could be in with a chance of winning.
SCILT is hosting a Glow Meet to provide key information and helpful insights to BASLA success. More information about this Glow TV event is on the Education Scotland Learning Blog.
More details of all these events are available on the Glow TV schedule (
We are delighted to let you know that the online versionof Early Years Matters (Issue 6, Spring 2014) has now been published on our website.

The focus of this edition of Early Years Matters is the Early Years Collaborative – Making Scotland the best place to grow up.

Included in this issue are articles on:


  • Early Years Collaborative – Shirley Laing, Deputy Director for Early Years and Social Services Workforce at the Scottish Government, explains the role of the Early Years Collaborative in achieving the Government’s aim of improving outcomes for children and making Scotland the best place to grow up.

  • The Model for Improvement – Gary Sutton, Improvement Adviser, Scottish Government, explains the Model.

  • Tales of Bedtime Stories – Two local authorities share how they used the Improvement Methodology to support literacy development and attachments.

  • The Wee Green Spaces Project – A project to encourage the frequent and regular use of local greenspaces in Aberdeen.

  • Community Planning Partnerships – Falkirk Community Planning Partnership is working to meet the stretch aims of the Early Years Collaborative.

  • One Glasgow – Glasgow City Council’s early intervention approach.

  • Practice Development Team – How the Practice Development Team support the Early Years Collaborative across Scotland.


Take a look at Early Years Matters online and forward the link on to your colleagues.

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