Goireas airson Cuspairean Sòisealta

Battles, Sieges and Rebellions: Learning Journeys
Lead curricular area:Social studies
Curriculum level:Fourth level
These learning experiences at Fourth Level allow learners to explore the make-up of the Wars of Independence and the various conflicts which took place.
Learning opportunities
These are some of the learning opportunities that are exemplified in this learning journey:


  • Use the William Wallace resource and the Internet to research the origins of Wallace’s rebellion.
  • In groups, prepare and perform Wallace’s rebellion in Lanark.
  • Compare Wallace’s uprising to a modern day uprising e.g. Arab Spring and identify any similarities.
  • Plan a siege of Stirling Castle by drawing upon the knowledge gained from the Army resource and the Wallace and Bruce Learning Journey.
  • Analyse maps of the area around the Bannock Burn and plan the Scottish attack.
  • Recreate the Battle of Bannockburn in the school grounds.



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