Naidheachdan Foghlam Alba 06/2014

Basic CMYKRoute Maps for Gàidhlig and Gaelic (Learners) Higher now available
These route maps have been produced in response to teacher requests for more streamlined and simplified guidance on delivering the new qualifications. They aim to consolidate current approaches and help practitioners reflect on their processes this year and prepare for next year. They cover subject specific material to over-arching information on assessment and verification.
The route maps are now available on the Education Scotland website.
Education Scotland has produced a suite of documents to support learning, teaching and assessment of the sciences from early to third level. Find out more on the learning blog.
National Parent Forum of Scotland
The summer issue of the National Parent Forum of Scotland’s e-News Update is now available online.
It includes information on:


  • NPFS’s latest resources for parents and learners in their Curriculum for Excellence in a Nutshell series – Progression in a Nutshell, Skills in a Nutshell, Higher English in a Nutshell and Higher Mathematics in a Nutshell.
  • the new Parents’ Connect area at the Scottish Learning Festival
  • focus groups on the new National Qualifications
  • conference theme
  • a leaflet on bullying for parents
  • and much more.


National Records of Scotland
The National Records of Scotland has launched its 2014-15 programme of free workshops and web conferencing sessions for primary and secondary schools.
This year’s programme includes workshops which may be of interest to teachers planning learning that focuses on the Commonwealth Games, the Year of Homecoming 2014, or the First World War.
Full details of the Schools Programme and the booking form are available on the NRS education website.
Education Scotland has published the Primary Language Learning framework for P2-P7. This part of the framework complements the P1 guidance issued in December 2013. The framework contains advice and support for practitioners who are introducing, or planning to introduce the teaching of a modern language from P1-P7. It contains learning maps to aid planning for teaching the first modern language (L2) as well as an overview of the essential Knowledge about Language required for children to progress in their language learning. There are film clips of primary language teaching, sound files of useful classroom language, progression grids and useful web links to support practitioners in their preparation and delivery of a contextualised modern language experience.

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