Naidheachdan bho Foghlam Alba 12/2014

Inspection Advice Note 2014-15 – accompanying information for staff working in early learning and childcare settingsBasic CMYK

This document is provided to support the delivery of the early level curriculum intending to support staff with curriculum planning and delivery. It is an accompaniment to help further illustrate the result of increased expectations in previous years and the current updated illustrations for 5.1 and 5.9.

Curriculum impact reviews – case study films

Education Scotland showcases schools on the Journey to Excellence​Education Scotland has published new case study films highlighting examples of good practice in creativity, health and wellbeing, and religious and moral education from establishments in Scotland.

The films, available on the Journey to Excellence website, are helping schools across the country learn from those leading the way in innovative practice. The aim of these films is to support and inspire practitioners. They are designed to complement Education Scotland’s 3-18 thematic reviews of creativity, health and wellbeing, and religious and moral education, which were published last year.

National Qualifications

Your feedback on National 4 and 5 materials

Education Scotland, in association with ADES, has published web-based support materials for all courses from National 3 through to Higher. We are currently seeking feedback on the National 4 and National 5 materials and are asking secondary school practitioners to complete a short e-survey. This will assist Education Scotland in identifying priority materials for update and enhancement. The survey will only take five minutes to complete.

A-Z of Attachment and Resilience

South Lanarkshire Council, Psychological Service, have kindly given permission for their “a-z of attachment and resilience” publication to be shared on the early years section of the Education Scotland website.

Reading Sacred Stories: An Event for Primary and RME Teachers

Saturday 31 January 11am – 3.30pm at New College, School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh

An opportunity to explore the way sacred stories from the Christian and Buddhist traditions might be used In RME at both Primary and Secondary level, with a focus on issues of transition and progression.

Dr Naomi Appleton and Dr Alison Jack from the School of Divinity at Edinburgh University will offer new ways to read sacred stories in the context of RME. Naomi is an expert in the Buddhist narrative tradition, and Alison focuses on the parables of Jesus. Joe Walker, Senior Education Officer for RME at Education Scotland, will explore broader issues around transition and progression in this curriculum area. The sessions will be interactive and there will be opportunities to share experiences as well as to find out about new resources.

The event is free and lunch will be provided, but participants should register by 19 January by emailing Alison Jack at

Support Staff Conference, 17 January 2015, Thistle Hotel, Edinburgh

Education Scotland is holding a conference for support staff, including pupil support assistants, janitorial staff, catering staff, frontline office staff. The conference will have keynote speakers – including Donna Bell, Deputy Director, Learning Directorate, Scottish Government – as well as workshops and a market place.

New resources on Mentoring Matters

Education Scotland has published more material on the Mentoring Matters online resource.  The materials have been produced in response to recommendation 39 from the report, Teaching Scotland’s Future (TSF), “all teachers should see themselves as teacher educators and be trained in mentoring”. Visit the Education Scotland website to view the new resources.

RME Resource
This resource explores the use of visiting speakers in the classroom to support high quality learning and teaching in religious and moral education.  It is one of three starter papers designed to encourage professional dialogue about key aspects of the delivery of RME within Curriculum for Excellence. 
Who is it for?
It is designed for all involved in the delivery of RME, supporting the exploration of key aspects of this curricular area.
How can it be used?
The resource can be used:
  • As general background reading on specific aspects of RME;
  • To identify career-long professional learning needs;
  • To stimulate discussion and debate among practitioners;


  • To support and challenge good practice in learning and teaching in RME.
Downloadable document

From other organisations:


Developing leadership capacities

The development of leadership capacities across the career trajectory

SCEL recently commissioned Dr Joan Moat (University of Strathclyde) to write six ‘thought pieces’ on the development of leadership capacities. The texts include Developing Leadership for Tomorrow’s Education, The Changing Paradigms of Leadership and the Next Steps for Leadership Development in Scotland.

Primary languages starter pack

Pack of materials to support the teaching of languages in UK primary schools. More information

SCILT Scotland’s National Centre for Languages


Beyond School

Do you have students who are thinking about continuing with languages when they leave school?  As the UCAS application process gets underway, the Beyond School section of the SCILT website contains useful information to help them decide on the different language courses and options available, with helpful advice on making the transition from school to university and beyond.

There is a lot of information on…

  • Languages – the benefits for you and your career.
  • Undergraduate language courses at Scottish and UK universities.
  • Enhance your degree – options for combining languages with other subjects.
  • The gap year – opportunities to study, work or volunteer abroad.
  • Student experiences – advice from those who’ve been there, done it and got the t-shirt!


Please make your pupils, guidance and careers staff aware of the ‘Beyond School’ website.    It covers all their language needs –

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