British Council Scotland and Education Scotland

British Council Scotland and Education Scotland
British Council Scotland and Education Scotland are pleased to announce a secondary school writing competition! We would like to ask you to encourage your secondary school pupils to submit short essays to highlight a how international their school is, or how international could it be.
Examples of things pupils could write about are:
  • how their language learning experience allows them to think more internationally or opens international opportunities
  • what they have  learned about other countries and how that changed their perception of the world
  • what other international activities already exist in their school such as school exchanges or school links with schools abroad
  • what international activities they would like to see happening in their school in the future
Competition Overview
TOPIC OF THE SHORT ESSAY: ‘How international is your school and how International could it be? Please write about how international experience has shaped or could shape your time at school.’
WORD LIMIT: 300 words maximum, 280 words minimum (the title is included in the word count)
HOW TO ENTER: : Pupils have to submit their work in PDF format by midnight on Monday, 25 May 2015, to Natasha stating the subject as ‘Writing entry’. Entries must be submitted with your name and your school. 
DEADLINE:  midnight on Monday, 25 May 2015
PRIZES: The prize for the winning pupil is an iPad and a certificate signed by Education Scotland. The winning work will also be published on the Education Scotland website, and the winner will be invited to an awards ceremony to present their work. The prize for the school is a framed certificate signed by Education Scotland, presented during an event celebrating Scotland’s international links.

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