Great Learning leaflet for parents


In September last year, all schools received copies of a new leaflet which was prepared for parents around Curriculum for Excellence. This leaflet was produced to help parents better understand how their children will benefit from changes under Curriculum for Excellence as the new qualifications are introduced.
Multiple copies were sent to every school and should have allowed you to provide every parent with a printed copy. If you haven’t already done so, can we please ask you to ensure all parents receive a copy as soon as possible? 
The leaflet was developed in partnership with National Parent Forum of Scotland  (NPFS) and addresses questions that parents and carers have been asking in relation to CfE and provides some examples of learner journeys which help illustrate the opportunities and benefits offered by the new curriculum, the key benefits for young people and examples of the different routes pupils can take throughout their education from age 3-18.
An online version of the leaflet is also available on the Parentzone website.
The National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS) has published two new resources for parents.
Nationals in a Nutshell: Assessment explains the types of assessment that have been introduced for the new National qualifications.
Pointers for Parents and Pupils highlights sources of information to help with learning and revision for the new Nationals.
Both these documents are valuable reading for parents/carers and for learners.
For more information, please visit Parentzone section on Helping your child prepare for assessments and exams.

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