Fiosrachadh bho Foghlam Alba

A new Inspection Advice Note 2015-16 was published on our website in June. It can be found at the link below, along with a covering letter sent to Directors of Education and the CfE Management Board.
The Advice Note provides local authorities, schools and early learning and childcare (ELCC) settings with information on how inspections, carried out from August 2015 onwards, will take account of national expectations of progress in implementing Curriculum for Excellence (CfE).
The main updates to national expectations relate to: raising attainment for all; DYW; and tackling bureaucracy, and are indicated by italics throughout the Inspection Advice Note.  For provisions with Gaelic Education, we are expecting them to be engaging with the Advice on Gaelic Education which we published in February.
An Appendix to the Inspection Advice Note also provides information on new quality improvement frameworks and new approaches to inspection due to be published and tried out in the course of 2015-16.
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