Cothrom CLPL le Social Enterprise Academy – Award in Leadership airson tidsearan sa Ghàidhlig

Social Enterprise Academy is inviting Gaelic Medium and Gaelic Language teachers to join us for an Award in Leadership programme, starting on March 19th. The programme is delivered entirely online in Gaelic medium through learning sessions and webinars on zoom. Optional accreditation is available with the Institute of Leadership & Management / City & Guilds.

The Award in Leadership programme enables teachers to

  • develop an understanding of their own leadership skills
  • look at how other approaches to leadership can be adopted in particular situations
  • explore the contemporary issues facing GME and GLE

The programme brings together Gaelic medium educators from across Scotland, creating a community of reflective practitioners to support eachother going forward. It is particularly appropriate for teachers looking to move, or recently having moved, into promoted posts.

There is no cost for the programme, which is fully funded by BnG. Optional accreditation is available at £150.

Places are limited. Further details here on Social Enterprise Academy’s website.

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