Goireasan airson Foghlam tro mheadhan na Gàidhlig

Annotated exemplification of the early level in Gaelic Medium EducationBasic CMYK

This work forms a part of the Assessing Progress and Achievement professional learning resource and generally uses the Significant Aspects of Learning, identified in this resource, to guide exemplification.  Practitioners involved in this exercise have compiled examples of learners’ work and other evidence to show what they are able to do at the early level of literacy and Gàidhlig.  It is anticipated that this resource could be used by practitioners to provide a focus for professional dialogue.

1.2 The following learning resources are now published to support the senior phase:


  • National 3, 4, 5 and Higher Gàidhlig
  • National 3, 4, 5, Higher Gaelic (Learners)
  • National 4, 5, Higher GM mathematics
  • National 3, 4, 5 GM Lifeskills mathematics
  • National 3, 4, 5 and Higher GM geography
  • National 3, 4, 5 and Higher history
  • National 3, 4, 5 and Higher GM modern studies.


1.3 We are now focusing on producing some support materials for the Advanced Higher.  Schools and education authorities are invited to advise Education Scotland of the subjects that they are offering in the senior phase through the medium of Gaelic. Based on responses we will receive, we will translate learning materials that Education Scotland will be commissioning. Education Scotland acknowledges the co-operation of education authorities in sharing materials they themselves have produced for the new qualifications and are made available on our website.  Please also advise us of possible writers for support materials.


1.4 Route Maps for Higher now available: Education Scotland, in partnership with the SQA, has now published route maps for all Higher qualifications, providing a sequenced list of main messages and links to resources. These route maps have been produced in response to teacher requests for more streamlined and simplified guidance on delivering the new qualifications.


1.5 An Cogadh Mòr (1914-18)

Please visit the Education Scotland website for resources to support learning in Gaelic Medium Education about World War I. These resources include looking at the causes of the war, stories from veterans and reflections on the impact of the conflict.


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