Naidheachdan 03.16

Measgachadh de naidheachdan bho Foghlam Alba.
The Language Show Live is coming to Scotland and will have a special feature on Gaelic and Scots.  This is Europe’s longest running premier language event and has been hosted in London for the past 27 years.  There will be an input from Education Scotland and Fèisean nan Gàidheal on the role of Gaelic in Scotland’s identity and in the curriculum of Scottish education.  Other attractions include:
  • a range of educational seminars
  • language classes
  • live forums 
  • cultural performances.
There also will be over 100 exhibitors related to the promotion of languages and resources including some specific to Gaelic such as Sabhal Mòr Ostaig and Bòrd na Gàidhlig.  
Please support the feature on Gaelic and Scots which is taking place from 10.30am in the main hall on 11 March.  Please follow this link to register to attend.

Ceitidh Computer Voice

Ceitidh is the world’s first Scottish Gaelic computer and is available here.  The Gaelic voice can be used to: read Gaelic web sites, ebooks, textbooks, SQA exam papers and other curriculum resources; check writing, emails, and social media posts.  The voice will be particularly helpful for Gaelic speakers with dyslexia, reading difficulties and visual impairment, but it should also be useful for anyone learning or working in Gaelic.

​Languages and Curriculum for Excellence Entitlements

For most children in Scotland, the learning of an additional language usually begins in primary school and in some cases earlier. With the implementation of the Scottish Government’s Language Learning in Scotland: a 1+2 approach means schools are already teaching an additional language from primary 1 and are working towards the introduction of a second language from primary 5.


Click here to listen to children talking about their experiences of learning a language.

Launch of The National Improvement Framework for Education

The National Improvement Framework for education was launched in January and it sets out measures for school improvement, school leadership, supporting teachers and engaging parents.  Find out more information here andhere.

Scottish Attainment Fund

The £100m Attainment Scotland Fund is a funding initiative over 4 years (2015–19) targeted on supporting pupils in local authorities and schools with the highest concentrations of primary-aged pupils living in areas of deprivation. Find out more here.

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